TYPE: B-W Agenda Meeting
DATE: 2/6/2019 TIME: 7:30 PM
LOCATION: School District Board Room
1.0 Call to Order
1.1 Mr. David Solenday, Board President Info
2.0 Pledge of Allegiance
2.1 Pledge of Allegiance Info
3.0 Roll Call
3.1 Mr. Achtzehn Ms. Brown Dr. DiCesaro Mr. Giglione Mr. Knezevich Mr. Pantone Mr. Solenday Ms. Tarson Mrs. Wolf Info
4.0 Mission Statement of School District
4.1 The Baldwin-Whitehall School District is committed to the promotion of excellence through a system of traditional values, a quality educational program, and a world of opportunities. Info
5.0 Commendations and Recognitions
5.1 Do The Right Thing Outstanding Students Info
5.2 Skills USA Gold Star Award - Mitchel Holmes (Steel Center for Career and Technical Education) Info
5.3 Baldwin-Whitehall School District Community Hero - Tim Hindes Info
5.4 Highlander Heroes - Keystone Technology Innovators Info
5.5 Highlander Hero - Henrietta Curley Info
5.6 Highlander Heroes Info
6.0 Student Board Representative Comments
6.1 Avery Greenaway, Nathan Hobson, Alexis Kennard, Nikol Muslimovic, Cassandra Pantelis, and Connor Woods Info
7.0 Superintendent Report
7.1 Dr. Randal A. Lutz Info
8.0 Education and Instruction
8.1 2019-2020 Curriculum and Instruction Recommendations - Ms. Andrea Huffman Info
8.2 Affiliation Agreement - Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Info
8.3 Out-of-State Conference -DPLIS (Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools) - Spring Meeting Info
8.4 Student Participation - PMEA Region I Orchestra - Baldwin High School Info
8.5 Student Participation - PMEA Region I Band - Baldwin High School Info
8.6 Student Participation - Baldwin High School - Special Olympics Unified Bocce Championships Info
8.7 Student Expulsion Info
9.0 Business and Finance
9.1 Construction Update Info
9.2 Preliminary Budget 2019-2020 Info
9.3 Authorization to Bid - Technology Department - Chromebooks Info
9.4 Donation - Tammy Turner-Locy - Legos Info
9.5 Donation - The Bruce Family - Baby Grand Piano Info
10.0 Unfinished Business
10.1 Policy 103 Nondiscrimination in School and Classroom Practices - 2nd Reading Info
10.2 Policy 202 Eligibility of Nonresident Students - 2nd Reading Info
10.3 Unfinished Business - Board Info
11.0 New Business
11.1 Candidate for the Allegheny Intermediate Unit Board of Directors Info
11.2 New Business - Board Info
12.0 Report of Special Representatives
12.1 Report of Special Representatives Info
13.0 Correspondence
13.1 Revenues and Expenses Info
13.2 Student Activity Funds Info
13.3 Bank Reconciliations Info