TYPE: B-W Agenda Meeting
DATE: 10/3/2018 TIME: 7:30 PM
LOCATION: School District Board Room
1.0 Call to Order
1.1 Mr. David Solenday, Board President Info
2.0 Pledge of Allegiance
2.1 Pledge of Allegiance Info
3.0 Roll Call
3.1 Mr. Achtzehn Ms. Brown Dr. DiCesaro Mr. Giglione Mr. Knezevich Mr. Pantone Mr. Solenday Ms. Tarson Mrs. Wolf Info
4.0 Mission Statement of School District
4.1 The Baldwin-Whitehall School District is committed to the promotion of excellence through a system of traditional values, a quality educational program, and a world of opportunities. Info
5.0 Student Board Representative Comments
5.1 Avery Greenaway, Nathan Hobson, Alexis Kennard, Nikol Muslimovic, Cassandra Pantelis, and Connor Woods Info
6.0 Presentation
6.1 Carrie Butler - CARRIE ON Communications Info
7.0 Superintendent Report
7.1 Dr. Randal A. Lutz Info
7.2 Title I Distinguished Schools - Whitehall Elementary School and Paynter Elementary School Info
8.0 Board President Remarks
9.0 Education and Instruction
9.1 Agreement - Wesley Family Services (Wesley K-8 School) Info
9.2 Agreement - The School District of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh Public Schools) Info
9.3 Agreement - Allegheny Intermediate Unit (AIU) - Alternative Education Program - Community School West Info
9.4 Updated (Additional) Curriculum Writing Hours Info
9.5 Out-of-State Conference - Space Exploration Educators Conference, Space Center Houston Info
10.0 Business and Finance
10.1 Bid Withdrawal - McAnnulty Elementary School Project (4196) Info
10.2 Award Contract - McAnnulty Elementary School Project (4196) Info
10.3 Agreement - Atria Senior Living Info
11.0 Unfinished Business
11.1 Unfinished Business - Board Info
11.2 Board Goals 2018-2019 Info
12.0 New Business
12.1 New Business - Board Info
13.0 Report of Special Representatives
13.1 Report of Special Representatives Info
14.0 Correspondence
14.1 Revenues and Expenses Info
14.2 Student Activity Funds Info
14.3 Bank Reconciliations Info